Srinivas Ananth

Investment Director


Srini Ananth is an Investment Director located in the Bay Area.  He joined Intel Capital in 2015.

In his role, Srini invests in Deep Tech, Cloud Infrastructure, and AI Applications companies. Srini led investments in Agita Labs, Ayar Labs, BabbleLabs (acquired by Cisco), Iris.TV, Joby Aviation (NYSE: Joby), OnScale, SummerBio, and VeriSIM Life. He was also involved in investments in Common Sense Machines, Delta ID (acquired by FPC), and Volocopter.

Srini currently serves as a director or observer on the board of Astera Labs, Ayar Labs, Common Sense Machines, OnScale, SummerBio, and VeriSIM Life. Previously he served as an observer at BabbleLabs and Joby.

Srini has over a decade of operating experience spanning engineering, business development, and product management roles in IoT, mobile, and semiconductors. He holds an MBA from UCLA and MSEE from Arizona State University. He loves single-malts, skiing, and rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.