The Journey Towards Ergonomic Safety & Establishing Resilient Workforces

More than 80% of the world’s workforce is deskless1, but a de minimis amount of software spend goes to technology for frontline workers. This is an area that we at Intel Capital have mapped and invested in for quite some time.

One area that is of particular importance is workplace safety. The global workplace safety market is projected to grow from 14.2BN to 26.7BN by 2027 (CAGR of 13.5%)2. This growth is driven by many factors - which include the impact COVID and the macro environment has had on shaking up workplace operations, increased workplace accidents and injuries, and a push towards using big data and AI/ML as a predictive tool for risk management. 

There is also no shortage of legal and regulatory hammering in this category as well, as the US Department of Labor and OSHA continually increase protections for the safety and health of workers.

Further, there is a generational shift in frontline workers, from an older population to a younger generation who want to work with more modern data-driven tools.

As these industry trends become more prevalent – we are thrilled to partner with the TuMeke team on their vision. TuMeke provides a computer vision solution for workplace safety, with a mobile-first platform for joint tracking, ergonomic assessments, risk analysis, and reporting. Their technology uniquely prioritizes privacy and employee consent – a critical piece across industries. There are no wearables, goniometers, or equipment, allowing employee safety to be measured and tracked without stopping production – reducing injuries, insurance premiums, and keeping workers safe.

Their platform has a wide reach with industry behemoth customers spanning across Airlines, HVAC, Automotive, Mining, Chemical, Electronics, Distribution, Transportation, Insurance, and Consulting. TuMeke’s ultimate vision is to build a next-generation ergonomic and employee workplace safety platform that becomes the safety standard for all workplaces where “people move.”

The team is composed of engineers, ergonomists, and academics. It has been a pleasure working with co-founders Riley Noland, Diwakar Ganesan, and Zach Noland, as their passion is clear for this frequently overlooked but critical category within workplace safety and employee health.

Welcome to the Intel Capital family, TuMeke – we are excited to be a part of your journey and what’s to come.

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