TuMeke Raises $10M in Series A Funding Led by Intel Capital

The company integrates AI and ergonomics to advance workplace safety innovation

SAN MATEO, Calif., December, 19th, 2023 – TuMeke, a computer vision platform that automatically assesses injury risk in manufacturing facilities, raised $10M in a Series A funding round led by Intel Capital to expand and scale the TuMeke team of engineers, ergonomists, and academics.

“Workplace musculoskeletal injuries are commonplace across industries, but keeping your workers safe should be a non-negotiable,” said Riley Noland, co-founder of TuMeke. “We created TuMeke to arm businesses with a tool that efficiently, affordably and ethically improves the safety of employees.”

TuMeke believes keeping workers safe should be easy and cost-effective. Without TuMeke safety staff are required to spend hours filling out tedious forms. By using TuMeke, safety staff can take a video on their smartphone to reduce the identified risk of a job in minutes. Its AI system combines the best in computer vision and ergonomics to help its users redesign jobs or retrain workers. The TuMeke software is packaged within a phone app, so users never need to purchase equipment, cameras, or exoskeletons.

TuMeke’s advanced computer vision means all this can be done without stopping production – catapulting TuMeke to be the standard tool in the US workers' compensation insurance industry and among the world's largest industrial firms.

“The traditional ergonomic risk assessment process is manual, laborious and inefficient,” said Zach Noland, co-founder of TuMeke. “By using AI and computer vision, we’re able to surface concerns and suggest corrections quickly, saving time and, more importantly, keeping workers safe.”

Its suite of products helps companies assess ergonomic risk twelve times faster than traditional techniques, driving forward its mission of eliminating workplace musculoskeletal injury as the company continues to build the next-generation ergonomic risk assessment platform.

“TuMeke launched its offering in 2021 and in less than two years they’ve introduced a comprehensive solution that sustains workplace productivity and reduces employee injuries,” said Mark Rostick, Vice President and Senior Managing Director at Intel Capital. “Their digitally precise technology helps organizations maximize the ROI ‍of safety investments and has proven its ability to make occupational environments safer and more efficient.”

TuMeke has become a key partner in manufacturing, empowering industry powerhouses such as AF Group, Chemtrade Logistics, Sentry Insurance, and more to prioritize ergonomic safety and establish a resilient workforce. With employee health at the center of company decisions and technology designs, the product offers swift and accurate ergonomic risk assessments without the need for wearables or extra equipment, emphasizing efficiency and user comfort.

“Tumeke’s platform is an outstanding tool for conducting ergonomic assessments in a timely and accurate manner,“ said Colin Welch, EHS Director, Governance, Quality and Reporting of Chemtrade Logistics, “It has not only improved our health and safety program by helping us identify and reduce ergonomic hazards, but also increased employee engagement by creating a positive and supportive work culture.”

TuMeke addresses immediate ergonomic concerns and assists in the development of long-term safety strategies, establishing employee well-being as a fundamental aspect of daily operations. The Series A funding will allow TuMeke to continue expanding operations and launch new features that enhance the capabilities of EHS teams and the safety of their colleagues.

“At TuMeke, we believe in leveraging AI for good – improving employee safety with consent and human-in-the-loop AI technology,” said Diwakar Ganesan, co-founder of TuMeke, “Our users say that employees for the first time are excited about safety training sessions and actively want to see how they can improve long term health outcomes.”

About TuMeke Ergonomics 

TuMeke is on a mission to eliminate workplace musculoskeletal injuries. This next-generation ergonomic risk assessment platform has been created by a team of engineers, ergonomists, academics, and problem solvers that are striving to maximize the safety and sustainability of work environments in a cost-effective way.