Intel Captial + Lilt


Lilt aims to make the world’s information accessible to all with its AI-powered enterprise translation software and services. Traditional translation services can be slow, costly, and complex to manage. Lilt's solution helps companies streamline processes and meaningfully increase the ROI of their translation programs. Combining adaptive neural machine translation technology, an enterprise translation management system, and world-class professional translators, Lilt enables organizations to use language translation to go-to-market faster than ever and improve the global customer experience.

Our Thesis

Translation, or localization services, have been trapped in a slow, hard to use and non-scalable, fee-for-service for many years. Lilt’s human-in-the-loop, machine-learning based solution not only makes high-end, enterprise class translation services more efficient, but more importantly it offers customers the ability to dramatically expand the content that can be translated. Lilt offers all users a true global experience in their native tongue by using machine-learning and Intel-enabled compute power, and is exactly the kind of positive change, and large economic opportunity Intel Capital seeks to embrace.

Investment Lead

Mark Rostick