Intel Capital + LILT


LILT is the complete AI solution for enterprise content translation and creation. The LILT Contextual AI Platform enables global enterprises to scale and optimize their global content, product, communication, and support operations. The platform provides businesses and government organizations the ability to translate content into any language, or generate content in any language, empowering them to engage customers and stakeholders around the world in a language they can access and understand. The  platform is powered by large language models, with a customized LLM per customer powering all multilingual content translation and generation. Innovative, category-leading organizations work with LILT to create on-brand products and services in global markets.

Our Thesis

Translation, or localization services, had been stuck in a slow, hard-to-use and non-scalable approach for many years. LILT’s AI-powered solution not only makes enterprise-caliber translation more efficient, but more importantly, it offers customers the ability to manage and generate new multilingual content while also dramatically expanding and scaling the content that can be translated. LILT enables our customers to create a global experience for their customers in their native tongue by using Contextual AI and Intel-enabled compute power, and is exactly the kind of positive change, and large economic opportunity Intel Capital seeks to embrace.

Investment Lead

Mark Rostick