Intel Captial + Lilt


Lilt is the leading AI solution for enterprise translation. Lilt’s stack, made up of their Contextual AI Engine, Connector APIs, and Human Adaptive Feedback, enables global organizations to adopt a true AI translation strategy, focusing on business outcomes instead of outputs. With Lilt, innovative, category-defining organizations like Intel, ASICS, WalkMe, and Canva are using AI technology to deliver multilingual, digital customer experiences at scale.

Our Thesis

Translation, or localization services, have been stuck in a slow, hard-to-use and non-scalable approach for many years. Lilt’s AI-powered solution not only makes enterprise-caliber translation more efficient, but more importantly, it offers customers the ability to dramatically expand and scale the content that can be translated. Lilt enables our customers to create a global experience for their customers in their native tongue by using Contextual AI and Intel-enabled compute power, and is exactly the kind of positive change, and large economic opportunity Intel Capital seeks to embrace.

Investment Lead

Mark Rostick