Intel Capital’s Continued Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We at Intel Capital proactively support the changemakers and diverse teams that drive more innovation and better results. Our steadfast commitment began in 2015 with a pledge to invest $125 million over 5 years in startups led by underrepresented minorities, including women, Black, Latino, U.S. military veterans, LGBTQ+, and the permanently physically disabled.

As of December 2022, Intel Capital has proudly invested more than $830 million in companies with diverse leadership teams within the Cloud, Silicon, Frontier, and Devices domains since its 2015 pledge. Nearly 20% of Intel Capital’s portfolio has diverse professionals in their top leadership, and Intel Capital continues to support underrepresented teams advancing the future of compute. The scale of our portfolio allows us to drive value creation and have a meaningful impact when we focus on diversity within our portfolio companies.

We are encouraged by the progress made to address inequities in the VC ecosystem and committed to building toward more sustainable, systemic change within the industry long-term.

Learn more about the mark several of our women-led portfolio companies are making on the delivery of technology in this reflection on International Women’s Month.