Driving innovation through diversity

Intel Capital

Diversity Fund

Announcing the Diversity Fund, the largest venture capital fund ever created to focus on diverse entrepreneurs. This $125M, part of Intel's groundbreaking diversity efforts, will ensure that funded entrepreneurs enjoy the access to business development programs, global network, technology expertise and brand capital their talents deserve.

Intel Capital

Update: Diversity Fund expands

In June 2015, Intel Capital announced the Intel Capital Diversity Fund to help diverse tech entrepreneurship.

How does the Diversity Fund work?

We've prepared answers to frequently asked questions that'll help entrepreneurs understand the new Diversity Fund.

Brian Krzanich on Intel's diversity initiative

The Diversity Fund complements Intel's $300M investment to encourage diversity at Intel and the technology industry at large.

Meet our starting portfolio of companies

Is the Diversity Fund right for you?

Share your business plan with us or discuss partnership opportunities by sending an email to diversity.fund@intel.com.

Creating a more diverse field

What is the industry saying about diversity?

"89% of venture capital investors are male; 87% are Caucasian."
  National Venture Capital Association
"Part of the problem tech companies face in staffing people of diverse ethnicities and gender is that there aren't enough women or minorities coming down the pipeline from computer science programs." GigaOM
"The greater the number of diverse investors and entrepreneurs at the table, the greater capacity we have as a nation to innovate and bring the best ideas to bear." Bobby Franklin, President and CEO of NVCA

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