Exo Imaging

Exo (pronounced Echo) is pioneering a high-performance, handheld ultrasound platform that uses artificial intelligence for imaging and therapeutic applications. By delivering affordable, easy-to-use medical imaging, Exo empowers healthcare professionals around the world to make critical, real-time decisions that improve patient outcomes.

Our Thesis

Medical imaging is a critical component of precise and timely diagnoses that enlightens treatment decisions and improves clinical outcomes. Over half of the world's population has no access to diagnostic quality imaging and ultrasound is the lowest cost and safest medical imaging available. Exo Imaging has combined advances in nanotechnology with cutting edge chip design to enable an unrivaled ultrasound device that includes an ultra-wideband low voltage pMUT transducer with unprecedented performance and acoustic efficiency. This device combined with advanced medical imaging workflow and AI will transform this market segment and enable diagnostic quality medical imaging globally.

Investment Lead

Eric King