RunPod: The AI Application Cloud

A developer-first AI Cloud Service Provider

“AI is the raisins in raisin bread," said Peter Norvig almost a decade ago. AI (raisins) is one type of software within an application (bread). AI and applications have different characteristics and infrastructure needs, but they co-exist and exchange a lot of data when coupled together. Since the launch of ChatGPT – which drove the exponential growth of LLMs –  AI-enabled applications are being built, deployed, and consumed at an increasingly rapid pace.

AI-enabled applications stand apart from conventional software due to their heightened computational complexity and, as a result, have unlocked a new market need: an AI application cloud. This AI-focused cloud must reliably support more complex workloads, while also empowering developers to focus on solution development of their applications and models. The unique characteristics of AI training, fine-tuning, and inference, together with the mass demand and supply imbalance, accelerated the need for complex compute capabilities. Combining those requirements, with the increasing need for large-scale abilities to meet performance demands, opened the door for the emergence of specialized Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) focused solely on AI–  where builders can develop, train, and scale their AI models & applications efficiently and reliably in production.

Within this dynamic landscape, RunPod emerges as the ultimate launchpad, empowering developers to deploy custom full-stack, complex AI applications quickly, simply, globally, and at scale.

Cloud platform built for production

Today, over 100k+ developers power their applications with RunPod's multi-cloud platform for AI. RunPod offers a cloud-scale service providing a full software management platform for deploying AI-based applications on third-party compute resources around the globe in seconds. Founders Zhen Lu and Pardeep Singh stay attuned to the needs of their users and are dedicated to building the main cloud ecosystem where AI inference and workloads are deployed. RunPod’s orchestration solutions leverage heterogeneous compute and storage platforms to create a unified cloud for AI training, fine-tuning, and inference. In addition to offering compute capacity, RunPod’s AI serverless endpoints product enables users to seamlessly deploy and auto-scale their production environment to thousands of concurrent GPUs and back to zero with a sub-500 millisecond cold start time.

Today, we are excited to announce our co-led $20M Seed investment in RunPod alongside Dell Technologies Capital. We are proud to partner with RunPod on their mission to make AI cloud computing accessible and affordable without compromising on features, usability, or experience.