Noam Kaiser

Investment Director


Noam Kaiser is an Investment Director located in Israel.  He joined Intel Capital in 2019.   

In his role Noam focuses on investment opportunities related to Israel, primarily in the Cloud and Silicon domains. 

Noam currently serves as a director on the board of Overwolf, Cellwize, Centrical, Model9, Panoply and DustPhotonics. 

Prior to joining Intel Capital, Noam was the VC Business Development Manager in Israel, Spain and Portugal as well as a Principal at Gemini Israel Ventures, and Ofer Hi-Tech. He was the founder and CEO of Cloud Based financial solutions startup VentureApp, which later merged with Balink. Noam is an avid Scuba Diver and Underwater photography enthusiast, with Master Diver Classification and hundreds of recorded dives in numerous locations across the globe.