Elana Lian

Investment Director


Elana Lian is an Investment Director located in the Bay Area.  She joined Intel Capital in 2014. 

Elana focuses on investments in Commerce, IoTG, SaaS/Enterprise digitization and DeepTech. Companies.  Elana believes there is tremendous opportunity in disruption in legacy industries by unlocking the insights in their data and creating new consumer experiences. 

Elana currently serves as board director or observer at Teikametrics and Fictiv.

Prior to Intel Capital, Elana began her career working in Engineering, Product Development and Business Development roles across the high-tech industry. She is a Kauffman Fellow and received her MBA from Kellogg School of Management, has a BS & MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Toronto and Tufts University. In her spare time, she loves traveling to five continents, skiing, scuba diving, and spending time with her son.