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Christian Buerger

Portfolio Development


Chris Buerger is a Director of Portfolio Development located in Hillsboro, OR. He joined Intel Capital in 2019.

In his role, Chris is responsible for enabling technical founders and their GTM leads to build and ship better product faster by collaborating with Intel and its ecosystem partners. He is primarily focused on empowering portfolio companies in the silicon, cloud and frontier domains.

Chris currently serves as the Intel Capital observer on the board of Movellus.

Prior to Intel Capital, Chris spent 20+ years leading product management and engineering organizations at both public companies and venture-backed start-ups. He graduated from the University of California Irvine with an Executive MBA and dual BA (Hons) Business Administration/Dipl. Kaufmann degrees from the Berlin School of Economics in Germany and Ashcroft Business School in Cambridge/England. Upon becoming a small woodland owner on the Oregon coast, Chris recently developed an interest in silviculture and black bear deterrence.

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