Investing in the Future of Materials

Within the semiconductor ecosystem, materials continue to be a source of innovation in enabling Moore’s Law. Within Intel Capital, materials have been an area of investment activity since the group’s inception. Historically, we have viewed materials investments broadly, including introducing novel materials into semiconductor manufacturing process technologies, scaling manufacturing capability for these materials, and expanding capacity to enable volume materials supply on a global, cost-effective scale. Intel Capital’s activities in materials reflect these interests as represented by prior investments in companies such as Tri Chemical Labs, Epichem, Voltaix, Inpria and Digital Specialty Chemicals – all of which enabled a new technical capability or supply opportunity in the semiconductor ecosystem.

Today, we are excited to announce Intel Capital’s latest materials investment in Impact Nano. Intel Capital led Impact Nano’s most recent financing, joining Goldman Sachs Asset Management which led prior rounds, to provide more than $32 million in total financing since the company’s inception in 2019.

Impact Nano is a U.S.-based producer of deposition precursors and electronic specialty gasses for semiconductor, energy storage and other industries working to innovate in both new product development and production scaling to support customers worldwide. The company has expertise in ligand, organometallic, silicon and fluorine chemistries. Founded by Matt Stephens and Mark Wilkinson, who are industry veterans and were part of the leadership team at a former Intel Capital portfolio company, Impact Nano’s growing team is composed of industry experts with decades of experience in the materials space. 

Matt and Mark bring experience in product development and manufacturing engineering, including an intense focus on process control and safety for difficult to manufacture materials. The Impact Nano facilities in Massachusetts provide the ability to safely manufacture critical materials domestically, providing customers with a new, stable option to source certain materials domestically. Additionally, the company is employing “green” chemistries and is implementing circular manufacturing techniques to help its customers meet their environmental and sustainability goals.  

The funding will allow Impact Nano to expand its team, grow its materials catalog and enhance its production facilities in Massachusetts. 

We believe that Impact Nano is well positioned to grow the materials ecosystem in the U.S. We are excited to invest in the company and join the board of directors.