Honoring Our Women Founders

In celebration of International Women’s Month, Intel Capital is honored to host Trina Van Pelt, Intel Capital Vice President and Senior Managing Director, in a series of conversations with three remarkable founders from Intel Capital portfolio companies Mighty Networks, MinIO, and Twelve Labs. The conversations celebrate the achievements of these women entrepreneurs, covering their journeys and profound impact of the companies they started. 

Part I: Mighty Networks, Gina Bianchini (CEO & Co-Founder)

In this conversation, Trina Van Pelt virtually meets Gina Bianchini to discuss her entrepreneurial journey as the CEO and co-founder of Mighty Networks, and the impact of Mighty Networks on community building. They discuss the challenges Mighty Networks is solving, the vision for the company, overcoming adversity as an entrepreneur, and the importance of finding supportive communities. Gina shares her burning ambition to bring People Magic into the world and create connections between people through technology.

Part II: MinIO, Garima Kapoor (Co-Founder & Co-CEO)

Trina Van Pelt interviews Garima Kapoor, co-founder and co-CEO of MinIO, a high-performance Kubernetes native object storage company. Garima shares her unconventional journey into the tech startup world and the inspiration she found in the Bay Area. She discusses how she met her co-founders and the data problem that MinIO aims to solve. Garima also shares her vision for the future of MinIO and the challenges she has faced as an entrepreneur, highlighting Indra Nooyi as an inspiration of hers.

Part III: Twelve Labs, Soyoung Lee (Co-Founder & Head of Business Development)

In Trina Van Pelt's interview with Soyoung Lee, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of Twelve Labs, they discuss the origin story of Twelve Labs and its mission to build AI that can understand video like humans do. Soyoung explains the challenges of working with video data and the need for an infrastructure and toolkit to leverage its rich context. She also shares her journey as a founder and the unique approach of Twelve Labs in building large pre-trained models. Soyoung discusses the vision for Twelve Labs to provide AI that can truly understand the world and its potential use cases, as well as the challenges faced as an entrepreneur and the importance of paving one's own path. Soyoung closes by sharing her inspiration from Dr. Fei-Fei Li and her most cherished accomplishment of seeing the impact of Twelve Labs' technology with an early customer.