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Trigence Semiconductor

Trigence Semiconductor is a global company that develops advanced digital audio technology such as Dnote, a proprietary, fully digital audio signal processing technology. Formed in 2006, Trigence is headquartered in Tokyo, with additional offices in California and Shenzhen.

We were very excited to receive the investment from Intel Capital because we believed that it would open up many new opportunities for deals and partnerships with technology companies around the globe. That is exactly what has happened.

Jun-ichi Okamura, President, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder, Trigence Semiconductor
Intel Capital's Role
  • Intel Capital invested in Trigence in 2012.
  • The investment helped Trigence expand integration of Dnote technology into computing devices, including Intel-based devices.
  • The investment enabled Trigence to increase the volume of its chip production.
Business Benefits
  • Since the investment, Trigence has attended more than 20 Intel Capital business development events, which have led to business deals and discussions.
  • Intel Capital representatives have helped the company connect with leading OEMs and potential customers worldwide.
  • Estimated 200% increase in revenue post-investment.
  • In late 2014, Audio-Technica announced release of Dnote USB headset—a major milestone for Trigence.
Investment Summary
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