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Portrait Displays

Portrait Displays is the premier application software provider of customized display management control software to computer and display manufacturers worldwide. As well, has recently acquired SpectraCal (Calman), the leading provider of display Calibration software for an increasing color critical applications. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, the company provides application software for PCs, smartphones, All in One PCs, tablets, Studio reference monitors and TVs.

There is tremendous value in having an understanding of the product roadmaps that Intel is working on and being able to create technologies and develop in areas that help complement what Intel is doing and where the future of the industry is going.

Martin Fishman, co-CEO, Portrait Displays
Intel Capital's Role
  • Portrait Displays signed a share warrant agreement with Intel Capital in 2012.
  • Color-managed displays from Portrait Displays are expected to be used in Intel®-based mobile devices.
Business Benefits
  • Portrait Displays develops products to complement Intel’s product roadmap.
  • Portrait Displays participates in business development forums including Intel Capital Technology Days and Intel Capital Global Summits.
  • Additional industry visibility has given Portrait Visibility a platform for growth worldwide.

Investment Summary
Date Invested
Smart Phone & Tablet