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Performance Lab

Performance Lab is a leader in the rapidly growing sports wearables industry. The company is changing the way people engage with exercise and bio-sensor technology through a software engine that senses, analyzes, and interprets activity to create tailored coaching advice.

We now have access to experience and people that generally only organizations five or 10 times our age would have. … Intel’s backing also provides enormous support for customer conversations. The knowledge that a trusted entity has done due diligence means a lot to business partners, potential customers, and suppliers.

Kerri McMaster, co-founder and CSO, Performance Lab
Intel Capital's Role
  • Intel Capital invested in the company in 2014.
  • Intel’s New Technology Group uses some of Performance Lab’s technologies and is exploring new opportunities for the products.
  • Intel Capital has a strong focus on wearables sector, where sales of fitness trackers and smart watches have increased dramatically in recent years.
Business Benefits
  • Exposure to more form factors, networks, customers, and opportunities.
  • Immediate credibility with potential business partners and customers.
  • Supportive investment manager with experience to provide useful input on operations.

Investment Summary
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