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NetPosa was founded in China in 2000, when analog video equipment was the norm. Today, the company is a leading provider in the digital surveillance system industry.

With our strategic cooperation with Intel, we're able to accumulate momentum for development and continue to lead China's digital security monitoring market.

Guang Liu, CEO, NetPosa
Intel Capital's Role
  • Intel Capital invested in 2010.
  • The investment enabled NetPosa to expand its marketing and branding efforts.
  • Intel Capital connected NetPosa to Intel, so the companies could work together to develop and optimize NetPosa's DSS solutions.
Business Benefits
  • NetPosa revenue and net income have more than doubled since the Intel Capital investment.
  • The company expanded its research and development efforts, which focus on developing cloud computing, big data processing, and other solutions based on Intel® architecture.
  • NetPosa solutions are being implemented in cities across China as part of the "Safe Cities" project, in which DSS solutions enhance security and deter crime.
Investment Summary
Date Invested
Software & Services
IPO January 2014