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Founded in 2000, is a company based in the Czech Republic that weathered the European financial crisis to become the leading e-retailer in Eastern Europe, leading to its acquisition by Naspers in 2012.

Intel has a strong brand name, which helped our business partners keep calm and not panic when we hit a major crisis. They knew that Intel was involved and would not let the company down.

Ondrej Fryc, CEO,
Intel Capital's Role
  • needed to transition from a small startup to a scalable corporation during the European financial crisis.
  • Intel Capital invested in 2007, and continued investing through the financial crisis.
  • The investment enabled to stay afloat and implement much-needed improvements, including a new enterprise resource planning system.
Business Benefits
  • Intel Capital shared strategic advice to help position itself for an acquisition.
  • Naspers acquired in 2012.
  • The company's annual revenues total USD 220 million, with operations now in five countries.
Investment Summary
Date Invested
Czech Republic
Consumer Internet
M&A / 2012