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Fulcrum Microsystems

Fulcrum Microsystems is a U.S.-based company that developed a unique 10-G Ethernet switch that could deliver faster connections and potential power savings for customers.

It's a great example of how Intel partners with smaller companies out there, and then-if it's the right opportunity - we combine together to go change the world.

Bob Nunn, former CEO/GM for Networking Platform Solutions,
Fulcrum Microsystems
Intel Capital's Role
  • Intel was interested in Fulcrum because of a mutual interest in cloud infrastructure architecture.
  • Intel Capital invested in Fulcrum in 2010.
  • Intel acquired Fulcrum in 2011.
Business Benefits
  • The Intel Capital investment gave Fulcrum unique insight into the industry.
  • Fulcrum met quarterly with the Intel Capital investment team and Intel technical personnel, sharing data and business strategies.
  • The collaboration with Intel led to innovations by Fulcrum that help create a more efficient, next-generation data center.
Investment Summary
Date Invested
M&A / 2010